Tourmanium Ceramic Mat is compact in size for portability.

Model License NO. : 06-872
Size : 760(W) * 440(D) * 20(H)
Weight/Package : 2.6kg / 1set
Rated Electric Flow : 220V/230V/60Hz
Electric : 150W

Sweet dreams~ Relax~

Nuga heating pad delivers a good night's sleep.

“TOURMANIUM is the mixture of tourmaline, germanium, elvan, and crystallized volcanic rocks! NM-80 is a Tourmanium ceramic mat that is compact and easy to use everyday.”

Characteristic of NM-80

  • First, uses environmentally- friendly materials for men and nature.
  • Second,compact in size and portable.
  • Third, easily heat and massage any part of your body.

Human-friendly product made with environmentally-friendly materials
Uses special bronze fiber that is free of corrosion and damage to block electromagnetic waves.

Compact in size for portability
Nuga Blanket is simple and compact. It is portable and convenient to use at any place.

Heated massage
It is small enough to massage a specific part of your body, such as the abdominal area or low back. It is strongly recommended for those who suffer from coolness or use back at work. Massage your body any time of the season to recover health!

  1. Connect power.
  2. Turn on power by pressing the On button on the right corner of your remote controller (The FND displays current temperature of your blanket.)
  3. Turn the dial on your remote controller clockwise to set temperature. (The display shows the set temperature (45℃) for a second and goes back to the current temperature after one second. The temperature rises until it reaches the set temperature (45℃).