A multipurpose personal heater that integrates low frequency, heat and spine rolling massage functions.

Model License NO. : 02-831
Size : 1980(W) * 655(D) * 560(H)
Weight/Package : 33kg / 1set
Rated Electric Flow : AC 220V / 60Hz
Electric : 250W

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A must-have item for your family~

Make a happy day for your family. Nuga Best!

“Nuga Best is the equipment that integrates heat and spine rolling massage function”

Characteristics of Nuga Best NM-5000

  • First, an ergonomic product that combines Eastern and Western medicine.
  • Second, Tourmanium ceramic rolls and massages your spine.
  • Third, adds a beautiful design decoration to your living space.
  • Fourth, use hand-held projector for concentrated treatment.
  • Fifth, a multipurpose device with various features.

Tourmanium heating of internal projector
Tourmanium is Nuga’s unique material made with tourmaline, germanium, volcanic rocks and elvan. Tourmaline is the only type of mineral that retains its electrical characters permanently and is called polar crystal.

Multipurpose remote controller
The remote controller can adjust temperature for internal and external floodlights. Both floodlights can be easily operated with the touch of a button and their status is conveniently found on the enlarged display. Store the remote controller inside the provided bag with external floodlight.

Simple colors and smooth lines
Nuga Best uses light gray and crimson colors that made a great addition to any color scheme. Lightweight steel support and beautifully curved design made the unit a decorative item. Enhance the look of your living space with Nuga Best.

Noise-reduced internal power system
The uniquely designed guide rail minimizes friction between internal floodlight and rail and generates almost no noise. The rail only supports light load to improve durability.