Management philosophy

Contribute to human health with highest technology,and best efforts and service.

NUGA Medical Co., Ltd. will try our damnedest to secure highest technologies on the basis of constant investment in R&D, e.g., the interior design to which the concept of user-oriented convenience and spatial design simply beyond medical device manufacturing techniques, instead of content ourselves with the present state.

We will implement BS(before service) through thorough customer management with standing on the advanced technologies, and be an active firm taking the initiatives to meet customer needs.

Further, with the goal of ‘improve the quality of human health’ by advance into foreign countries as well as Korea, we all will devote ourselves to globalization of business operations on the basis of customer first service and humanism.

Business motto

Health, Humanity, Voluntary Service.

All NUGA personnel will stick to putting health, humanity and voluntary service in practice to contribute significantly to Korean development and further human prosperity.