ceo’s message

Contribute to human health with highest technology and best efforts and service.


Humanism,wellbeing,happiness and so on..

The core of them all is the very health.Based upon its Proven technologies (won the IR52 Jang Yeong Sil’s Award in 1994; and the Korean Mister of Science & Technology’s Commendation in 1995), Nuga Medical Co.,Ltd. has manufactured household warmers and ultrasonic/low-frequency appliances, and supplied them to the domestic areas as well as exported them to about 70 foreign countries since it was founded in June, 2002.At present, the company has achieved $200 million of exports contributing to industrial evolution.

NUGA Medical Co.,Ltd. has grown steadily and fast since its foundation, which is attributed to our best efforts for product development and production with strong commitment and volition to put health humanity and voluntary services for global village in practice.

In 2011, nice-year-old NUGA Medical Co.,Ltd. has operated under the philosophy of “contribute to human health with highest technology, and best efforts and service” and produced and supplied high competitiveness products with the level of quality and convenience to meet customer needs.

Additionally, based on the constant efforts of NUGA Technical R&D Center, the Our Company will not only preoccupy the market and position as a leader in the market by supplying earlier next-generation household medical appliances, but also raise our key capabilities by reinforcing manpower cultivation, innovative activities and knowledge management.

And, we’re going to take the initiative to encourage creative corporate culture and make the society healthier and warm-hearted through implementing ethical management, green management and profit-sharing management.

Evolving into a world-wide leader in the market of household medical appliances, NUGA Medeical Co.,Ltd. are willing to invite you to its prospective future.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Health, Love, Service in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei.

First of all, I would like to thank you all for your interests and supports in our company, Nuga Best Malaysia.

Established in 2002, our parent company specializes in domestic medical equipments with state of the art technologies. Currently we have more than 6,000 Best Houses in over 76 countries and number is still growing.

In 2009, Nuga Best Malaysia was then formed to carter to the local market. We believed in customers’ first hand experience on our products and our trial Best House has been growing tremendously as well.

With our motto, HEALTH, LOVE, SERVICE, we strive to do our best by providing our utmost to all our customers.

Thank you very much.